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b. Los Ángeles

"I have no interest in reinventing the wheel, instead I believe that advocating for artists and organizations that have been at the front and center of important civic issues can be the very thing that can lead to profoundly positive changes in policy." 

Jessica Ceballos is an interdisciplinary artist primarily working in the literary arts. She's also a publisher, community advocate, designer and teaching artist. You can learn more about Jessica's work at www.jessicaceballos.com.

The Interchange is a project that evolved out of the Arts for LA ACTIVATE Leadership Program in Cultural Policy. Ceballos initially applied for the program with the intention of working on a project that would function as an advocacy campaign for affordable housing, specifically within the  first council district. But as a community advocate and artist she was continuously challenged with exploring the many issues that face our neighborhoods throughout the city, and how as an artist we either help or hinder the potential for meaningful and equitable progress. It's during these explorations she was able to identify gaps in the civic process while also being cognizant of how art has been a catalyst for change in areas with little access to resources. 

For some artists, and for some communities, not having access to resources is the only barrier to their definition of success, we're hoping to help change that with The Interchange, a project currently in the research stage and seeking partnerships. If you're interested in discussing this project, please submit an inquiry using the form below. 


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